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Joanna Jopek

Revolutions versus Participations: Participation Strategies and Performative Tactics in the Wielkopolska: Rewolucje Programme


The author analyses the three editions of the Wielkopolska: Revolutions project. She notes that it came about in a space between the stark dividing lines in Poland that persist between one-off projects and long-term activity with consistent work promoting culture in the region. She explores Wielkopolska: Revolutions from the perspective of the programme’s success in the artistic field, not focusing on the skilfully conducted process of unhinging, fracturing and creating new spaces within the framework of an established artistic-aesthetic model in Polish theatre, which the programme has forced through, but emphasizing its social potential.


participation; subversiveness; idiosyncrasy; outsider

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Joanna Jopek

graduate of the Jagiellonian University’s Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities programme. Author of Tylko fragment. Dramaturgia Mieczysława Piotrowskiego (2013), she was a doctoral student at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University at the time of her death in December 2014.