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From the left: Agata Adamiecka-Sitek, Alina Czyżewska and Adam Bodnar during the 'Change - now!' conference, Teatr Ochoty, Warsaw, 7 October 2019, photo: Marta Ankiersztejn
Alina Czyżewska

‘There Is No Democracy in Theatre.’ Seriously?


Democracy we have is the one we can afford. Democracy is not only voting. It is not voting at all. Democracy is values such as solidarity, respecting human rights, reacting when someone exceeds their power or usurps it. What effective tools are there? What can be done to practice democracy in cases of ill will, usurpation of power, incompetence and, at times, deeply-rooted tradition? How can democracy be practiced in theatre or drama school?


Democracy; Constitution; Human Rights; Mobbing; Theatre School

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Alina Czyżewska

Actress, activist, member of Citizens Network Watchdog Poland. She works for transparency in the public life and the right for information. As requested by male and female citizens, Czyżewska takes actions concerning, among other things, irregularities within cultural institutions, incorrectness concerning competitions for heads of cultural institutions as well as their dismissals, authorities exceeding their power as regards law-breaking provisions found in charters of cultural institutions.