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Krystian Lupa and Piotr Skiba during rehearsals for the <i>Proces</i> [<i>The Trial</i>], Warsaw, 2018, photo: Magda Hueckel
Stanisław Godlewski

Devotional Articles and a Unicorn: Queer Aspects in the Work and Bibliography of Krystian Lupa



The author analyses queer elements in the work and biography of Krystian Lupa. Owing to the director’s unique philosophy and distinctive aesthetic, this is a subject that has not previously been researched. Godlewski analyses selected topics in the director’s productions as well as some of his remarks on eroticism, politics and homosexuality. The author notes that queer aspects in Lupa’s work are usually bereft of direct references to the socio-political reality, and that what was once revolutionary may today seem reactionary.


Krystian Lupa; Queer; Homosexuality; Biography

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Stanisław Godlewski


is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Theatre and Media Arts at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and a theatre critic and writer for Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań, Didaskalia, Dialog, and He is the recipient of a Diamond Grant for contemporary Polish theatre criticism.