Rematerializing ‘the Internet’: 'IT', a Choreographic Performance by Marta Ziółek | Zamorska | Polish Theatre Journal

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Magdalena Zamorska

Rematerializing ‘the Internet’: 'IT', a Choreographic Performance by Marta Ziółek


Choreographer, performer, dancer Marta Ziółek in her artistic practice uses strategies deeply ingrained in wholly-mediatized culture. At her work entitled THIS (TO, 2015) she reperforms and process’ everyday practices and rematerializes digital representions and symulakra circulating in social media. For analysis of her practice an author used concepts of remediation, postmediality, postinternet art and post dance, which let interpret choreographer’s practices as the processing of media scripts and formats.


contemporary dance; choreography; choreographic performance; Marta Ziółek; postdance; postmedia; postinternet

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Magdalena Zamorska

PhD, is an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Wrocław. Her interests include issues of experiencing, perception and reception, as well as creative strategies in performative arts, particularly those practiced within new choreography. She is a member of the Laboratory of the Contemporary Humanities at the University of Wrocław. Her book Obecni ciałem. Warsztat polskich tancerzy butō [Corporeal Presence. Polishbutō Dancers and Their Craft] was published in 2014. In 2017, she co-edited Czego pragną drony? Od atrakcji wizualnej do spojrzenia władzy [What Do Drones Want? From Visual Attraction to the Gaze of Power]. She has completed independent research projects on dance and choreography, including Choreografowanie relacji. Obiekty i organizmy w performansach choreograficznych najmłodszej generacji polskich artystów sztuki tańca [Choreographing Relations. Objects and Systems in Choreographic Performances by Polish Dance Artists of the Youngest Generation] (University of Wrocław); Multimedialność: strategie wykorzystywania nowych mediów (elektronicznych, cyfrowych) w nowym polskim tańcu [Multimediality: Strategies of Using New (Electronic and Digital Media) in New Polish Dance] (Institute of Music and Dance). As a researcher, she participated in the following projects: Słowik tańca XX i XXI wieku [Dictionary of Dance in the 20th and 21st Century] (University of Łódź); Laboratorium humanistyczne jako modus poznania. Od archeologii do projektu [The Humanities Laboratory As A Modus of Cognition. From Archaeology to the Project] (University of Wrocław);  Neurofizjologia artysty w performance. e.1/2015-2017 [An Artist's Neurophysiology in a Performance. e.1 /2015-2017] (Fundacja Om). She blogs about contemporary dance at A list of her scholarly publications is available at